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Events and Celebrations
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USCIS: Celebrating citizenship

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  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the Homeland Security agency that processes immigration documents. Citizenship ceremonies bring a lot of happiness to the faces of immigrants from around the world.
  • 8/28/2015
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2013 Barefoot Mailman hike was test of endurance

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  • In 2013, more than 500 people, including local Boys Scouts, walked in honor of the Barefoot Mailman, who in the 1800s trekked from Palm Beach to Miami. The 49th annual walk, led by the Boy Scouts of America, South Florida Council, was a test of endurance for the young scouts.
  • 7/17/2015
  • Album ID: 1956832

Orange Bowl's 1965 Queen and her court

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  • Introduced to the public in a November, 1964 event, Orange Bowl Queen Linda Egland and her court reigned regally over the 1965 event. Chosen for the court were Pam Gardiner, described as an "18-year-old secretary;" Sharon Jordan, a "stewardess to be;" Carol Koberlein, "Miss Delta Airlines;" and Judy White, "Miami student, she's current homecoming queen."
  • 6/18/2015
  • Album ID: 1948384

The Miss Florida America Pageant

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  • The Miss Florida scholarship pageant that leads to the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City is sometimes referred to by the full title of its winner, Miss Florida America, as a way to differentiate it from others. Typically the Florida pageant was held sometime between May and August because the Miss America Pageant was traditionally part of the Labor Day festivities in Atlantic City. The Florida pageant was held in Miami for many years and many winners were from Miami.
  • 5/22/2015
  • Album ID: 1938902

For two girls, a traditional African rite of passage

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  • In 2001, two girls, Imani Greene, 12, and Candace Stuart, 15, fasted for a ceremony marking their transition from girlhood to womanhood. It was part of a traditional African Rites of Passage ceremony or Obitun.
  • 5/13/2015
  • Album ID: 1935765

Rappelling to draw attention to an epidemic

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  • Linda Gonzalez rappelled off the roof during Shatterproof Challenge Rappelling Series at the Hyatt Regency in Miami April 2, 2015, one of more than 55 to do so to draw attention to the national epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction. Shatterproof is a national organization committed to protecting children from addiction and ending the stigma of those affected.
  • 4/3/2015
  • Album ID: 1921107

A dance with daddy: A day for daughters of prison inmates

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  • Inmates serving time in a Miami federal detention center were allowed to dance with their daughters for an afternoon.
  • 11/25/2014
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Volunteers helped seniors turn back the clock in 2012

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  • In 2012, seniors at the Palace Royale assisted-living facility shook their tails to 1950s music as they enjoyed a full day of era-appropriate activities.
  • 9/23/2014
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Thomas Wenski becomes archbishop of Miami, 2010

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  • As a priest, Father Thomas Wenski was an outspoken advocate for Haitian refugees in Miami. He served as bishop in Orlando for seven years before returning to Miami to be archbishop in 2010. "The earthy and personable Wenski, 59, a Florida native and champion of immigrants who can be perfectly blunt in any of three languages -- English, Spanish and Haitian Creole -- has made a fast ascendancy through the Catholic Church hierarchy, culminating Tuesday in his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI as Miami's new archbishop," Herald writer Andres Viglucci wrote.
  • 8/19/2014
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Miami and Key West top trashiest for coeds in 2013

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  • The editors of coedmagazine.com rated Miami and Key West among the "Top 15 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations" for 2013.
  • 8/7/2014
  • Album ID: 1831605
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