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Road Ranger injured on State Road 112, 2004

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  • Road Ranger Miguel Fonseca, 29, was struck by a car on a shoulder of State Road 112 while aiding a driver. Fonseca was listed in critical but stable condition at Ryder Trauma Center. The incident happened the day of the second anniversary of Florida's Move Over Law.
  • 10/28/2014
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Miami Beach firefighters train to battle shipboard fires, 2014

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  • Some 18 land-based firefighters from Miami Beach Fire Rescue trained to battle shipboard fires at the Resolve Marine Academy in Fort Lauderdale October 23, 2014.
  • 10/28/2014
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1997: A woman drowns when car sinks in lake

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  • 1997: Woman dies after car car sinks in lake. Joel Hall had just dropped off her 2-year-old son at a day-care center and was on her way to work -- not speeding, other drivers told police -- when she lost control of her car.
  • 3/17/2014
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2002: Afghan prisoners arrive at Guantanamo

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  • Manacled and masked, the first 20 Taliban and al Qaeda prisoners arrived at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Jan. 11, 2002.
  • 12/13/2013
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March 28, 2013 front pages

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  • Front pages of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald for Thursday, March 28, 2013.
  • 4/12/2013
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Bigger, better Coast Guard Cutter on duty

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  • The Bernard Webber is bigger, smarter and newer than the Coast Guard cutters we're used to seeing in South Florida waters.
  • 2/21/2012
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Pilot avoids disaster in forced landing on Turnpike

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  • A single-engine plane hit no cars and there were no major injuries once it came to a halt. But the crash Oct. 12, 2011 tangled rush-hour traffic on Florida's Turnpike and expressways that feed into it.
  • 10/25/2011
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Tunnel builder accused of trespassing on seaplane base

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  • A seaplane base that has operated on Watson Island for 85 years is complaining that the multinational company that will bore the $1 billion tunnel to the Port of Miami is trespassing on its 2.4-acre property. Miami Access Tunnel (MAT) is staging on Watson Island. As a result, the firm has collected equipment and material, particularly in the median of the MacArthur Causeway. The southbound tunnel leg to the port will be bored first beneath Government Cut, followed by the northbound leg. It is expected to take one year. The tunnel is expected to open in May 2014.
  • 9/1/2011
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Raging fire destroyed box company near airport

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  • A three-alarm fire at box factory sent smoke billowing into the air near Miami International Airport in 1975.
  • 1/5/2011
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