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Patricia James, convicted of plotting husband's murder

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  • Patricia James was convicted in 1988 of talking a lonely ambulance dispatcher into killing her husband. Timothy Ott was conned into falling in love with her, sight unseen. James, who suffers from a facial deformity and blindness in one eye from a childhood surgery, sent him photos of models instead of herself. He proposed marriage and killed her husband, Bernard James, a park ranger.
  • 10/2/2015
  • Album ID: 1980532

PREPWORKS, a high-tech tutor

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  • Tracy LaFlamme Ortega runs a global education-technology company that provides test preparation and supplemental lessons to students anywhere, on any device.
  • 9/28/2015
  • Album ID: 1979141

Pretty girls brought business to Miami drive-ins of the 1950s

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  • "There seems to be a race going on among Miami drive-in restaurant owners to see who can clothe curvaceous curb cuties in the tightest sweaters and the briefest shorts," The Miami Herald reported in 1952. "Within metropolitan city limits, there are some 150 drive-in hasheries operating throughout the year," reporter Pat Murphy wrote. "Of these roadside restaurants, about seven-eighths of them are known to have curb girls -- 'car hops,' if you please -- sprinting between car and kitchen wearing uniforms with little more fabric than two handkerchiefs."
  • 9/26/2015
  • Album ID: 1978548

W. Tucker Gibbs, zoning law with a side of passion

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  • Tucker Gibbs, zoning attorney and civic activist, represents countless homeowners in Miami-Dade and Broward against developers and school expansions. Sometimes, he even represents the developers and the schools. Seemingly, every judge, lawyer and resident in two counties has argued for or against Gibbs, a sixth-generation Floridian.
  • 9/25/2015
  • Album ID: 1978283

A proposal of marriage at Whole Foods

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  • Aaron Califf stood nervously between the grapes and raspberries, fiddling with his store-brand hat and greeting shoppers at the Whole Foods in Fort Lauderdale. But he doesn't actually work there: he was waiting to propose to his girlfriend Jessica Shiekman. She said yes.
  • 9/18/2015
  • Album ID: 1975154

The Hochstein mansion bites the dust

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  • The long-contested Hochstein mansion at 42 Star Island was finally demolished March 18, 2014. Its owners - a plastic surgeon who calls himself the 'boob god' and his wife, a star of "The Real Housewives of Miami" - won a bitter battle to tear down their 1925 home to make way for a 20,000-square-foot estate.
  • 9/13/2015
  • Album ID: 1973353

Islands in the Florida Keys once bred monkeys for research

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  • Monkeys were bred for research (and to be blasted into space) on islands off the Lower Keys, starting in 1973. But the rhesus monkeys chewed up acres of federally protected mangroves, a habitat for sea life. After years of legal wrangling and a court order, the monkeys were trapped and removed from Key Lois and Raccoon Key.
  • 9/9/2015
  • Album ID: 1972162

Peter Quinter: No tweets, no texts on the Appalachian Trail

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  • As an international lawyer, Peter Quinter is known for taking calls and replying to emails at all hours of the day. But he laced up his hiking boots, pulled his 40-pound backpack over his shoulders and disconnected from his 24/7 pace on the Appalachian Trail.
  • 9/9/2015
  • Album ID: 1972028

Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design

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  • More than 80 employees who make up Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, where Kobi Karp is president, are busy with residential, retail, mixed-use and hospitality projects, most of them in South Florida. Since he founded the firm in 1995, Karp and his team have designed projects around the globe that cost developers over $36 billion to build. The company offers both architecture and interior design services.
  • 9/8/2015
  • Album ID: 1971740

Germ-zapping robot cleans up "superbugs" at hospital

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  • The Xenex germ-zapping robot kills super-bacteria in operating rooms to eliminate harmful superbugs, including Clostridium difficile (C. diff), MRSA, influenza and Ebola. This portable device is being used as an extra layer of patient protection in Nicklaus Children's operating rooms after hospital staff has done a thorough cleaning of the area.
  • 9/4/2015
  • Album ID: 1970744
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