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Two-by-four replaced tire jack in 1986 Miami Grand Prix

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  • Eamon Byrne was catapulted from anonymity to heroism in a flash of panic along pit row during qualifying for the 1986 Lowenbrau Grand Prix of Miami. He used as six-foot board as a leverage bar to single-handedly lift the rear of Pete Halsmer's Mustang Probe when the air jack assigned to the job blew out. Race fans stood from their bleacher seats to applaud Byrne. In a sport of quarter-million-dollar machines and microseconds and increasing science, a stray hunk of wood and a 29-year-old gent from near Birmingham, England, had done the job.
  • 9/18/2014
  • Album ID: 1846833

Miami Bishop Gilberto Fernandez

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  • Archdioicese of Miami auxiliary bishop Gilberto Fernandez died Sept. 30, 2011. Born in Havana, he grew up in a family of eight children where four of the five boys became priests. He served four Havana parishes before being forced into exile in Miami in July, 1967.
  • 9/17/2014
  • Album ID: 1846429

Oscar Castañeda, priest in the Archdiocese of Miami

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  • Msgr. Oscar Castañeda, a priest in the Archdiocese of Miami and at one time the rector of the Ermita de la Caridad del Cobre.
  • 9/17/2014
  • Album ID: 1846421

UM program encourages healthy bodies, healthy minds

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  • Healthy bodies, higher grades? Miami-Dade public schools and the University of Miami get kids active to improve academic performance.
  • 9/17/2014
  • Album ID: 1846366

Pony Malta bottles used in fatal 1990 attempt to smuggle cocaine

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  • A former soft-drink importer pleaded guilty in 1994 to smuggling cocaine in bottles of Pony Malta, leading to the 1990 death of a West Dade man who unwittingly drank the drug-tainted malt beverage. Hugo Rios Rodriguez, 40, was arrested in Guatemala in 1991. Maximo Rene Menendez, the 25-year-old father of a little girl, lapsed into a coma and died after gulping half a bottle of Pony Malta de Bavaria. His death prompted a scare in Hispanic communities nationwide, and a Food and Drug Administration recall of the popular Colombian drink.
  • 9/11/2014
  • Album ID: 1844016

Suspect guilty in death of UF freshman

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  • Pedro Bravo was found guilty of first degree murder Aug. 15, 2014, and sentenced to life in prison without parole in the killing of University of Florida freshman Christian Aguilar after a trial that centered on jealousy, rage, suicide and murder.
  • 9/9/2014
  • Album ID: 1842906

Father John J. Nevins became bishop for Venice, Fla.

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  • In 1984 Pope John Paul II named John J. Nevins, the popular auxiliary bishop of Miami, as leader for the new diocese of Venice, Fla. At age eight, Nevins posed as a boy in a family being interviewed by a census taker for a Saturday Evening Post magazine cover by Norman Rockwell. As a teen-ager, he was a champion Irish step dancer. As a priest, he rose to be a bishop serving as an auxiliary to the Most Rev. Edward A. McCarthy, the archbishop of Miami. He died August 26, 2014.
  • 8/28/2014
  • Album ID: 1838998

Auxiliary Bishop Agustín Román, built Ermita de la Caridad shrine

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  • Born son of a poor farmer in Cuba, Auxiliary Bishop Agustín Román became a symbol of faith, strength and hope to legions of Catholics and Cuban exiles in Miami. He died April 11, 2012 at 83 on the grounds of La Ermita de la Caridad, the shrine he built to Our Lady of Charity, patroness of Cuba. Expelled from Cuba by Fidel Castro's regime in 1961 he came to Miami in 1966. He was the first Cuban to be appointed bishop in the United States.
  • 8/28/2014
  • Album ID: 1838938

Dade teen documented the lives of Cuban prisoners

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  • Inspired by a visit to her father's one-time home in Cuba, Romina Ruiz set out on a mission to tell the stories of the prisoners who languished in Cuban jails. She turned a school project into a documentary she called "Not Forgotten -- Through the Eyes of a Daughter."
  • 8/21/2014
  • Album ID: 1836204

Mario Tabraue and exotic animals

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  • Mario Tabraue said in 2000 that breeding and selling exotic animals was "my true love." His west Miami-Dade warehouse contained gila monsters, albino cobras, monitor lizards, anacondas, even a black leopard named Gypsy. Tabraue had been released from federal prison after 12 years of a 100-year sentence because he helped the government build cases against others.
  • 8/21/2014
  • Album ID: 1836197
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