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Dade teen documented the lives of Cuban prisoners

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  • Inspired by a visit to her father's one-time home in Cuba, Romina Ruiz set out on a mission to tell the stories of the prisoners who languished in Cuban jails. She turned a school project into a documentary she called "Not Forgotten -- Through the Eyes of a Daughter."
  • 8/21/2014
  • Album ID: 1836204

Mario Tabraue and exotic animals

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  • Mario Tabraue said in 2000 that breeding and selling exotic animals was "my true love." His west Miami-Dade warehouse contained gila monsters, albino cobras, monitor lizards, anacondas, even a black leopard named Gypsy. Tabraue had been released from federal prison after 12 years of a 100-year sentence because he helped the government build cases against others.
  • 8/21/2014
  • Album ID: 1836197

Developer Alan Faena incorporates art in plans

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  • Across South Florida, real estate developers are increasingly attaching extraordinary -- and valuable -- art to their designs, creating liveable, virtual museums as a way to market high-end condos to wealthy buyers. Art is a vital part of Argentine Alan Faena's plans for his Faena District in Miami Beach, which will include an art exhibition center, Faena Arts Center, designed by Rem Koolhaas, along with a condo tower, hotel, bazaar and artists-in-residence center, park, marina and gardens.
  • 8/20/2014
  • Album ID: 1835770

Thomas Wenski becomes archbishop of Miami, 2010

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  • As a priest, Father Thomas Wenski was an outspoken advocate for Haitian refugees in Miami. He served as bishop in Orlando for seven years before returning to Miami to be archbishop in 2010. "The earthy and personable Wenski, 59, a Florida native and champion of immigrants who can be perfectly blunt in any of three languages -- English, Spanish and Haitian Creole -- has made a fast ascendancy through the Catholic Church hierarchy, culminating Tuesday in his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI as Miami's new archbishop," Herald writer Andres Viglucci wrote.
  • 8/19/2014
  • Album ID: 1835462

Graduation day 2008, Miami Dade College Kendall Campus

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  • Graduatioin Day. Elizabeth Vandillewijn celebrates after receiving her diploma during 2008 ceremony at Miami Dade College's Kendall Campus.
  • 8/18/2014
  • Album ID: 1835115

New leadership in 2014 at top Dade private schools

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  • This summer, three of Miami-Dade's top private schools welcomed new heads of schools. They are Frank Steel, at Gulliver Schools; Patrick Roberts at Palmer Trinity; and Stephanie "Penny" Townsend at Ransom Everglades.
  • 8/14/2014
  • Album ID: 1833982

Monsignor Emilio Vallina, founded Miami's "Exile Cathedral"

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  • A center for Cuban Catholic exiles emerged around the figure of Monsignor Emilio Vallina, to whom Archbishop of Miami Coleman Carroll gave the assignment of launching a parish dedicated to St. John Bosco. Born in Cuba, Vallina died Oct. 19, 2013 at age 87 in Miami. He left behind a legacy of pastoral works, among them the iconic sanctuary in Little Havana that opened its arms to needy and stateless Cuban refugees in the 1960s. St. John Bosco Church became known as the "Exile Cathedral."
  • 8/12/2014
  • Album ID: 1833231

Planning for trouble: It's not just hurricanes

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  • Companies well-prepared for a hometown hurricane aren't necessarily diaster-proof: As natural-disaster threats worldwide increase, so do the risks for companies' customers and suppliers. FIU disaster expert Richard S. Olson is professor and director of the Extreme Events Institute at he the International Hurricane Research Center at FIU.
  • 8/11/2014
  • Album ID: 1832896

Miami and Key West top trashiest for coeds in 2013

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  • The editors of coedmagazine.com rated Miami and Key West among the "Top 15 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations" for 2013.
  • 8/7/2014
  • Album ID: 1831605

Actress Anita Ekberg

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  • In the 1960 film "La Dolce Vita," Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg splashed in the pool of the Trevi fountain. The scene is famous. Ekberg's beauty was powerful enough to inspire Miami Herald photographer Bob East to include himself in a portrait of her he shot during her 1958 visit to Miami.
  • 7/31/2014
  • Album ID: 1829465
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